Cook’s Portable Warehouses

10 x 12 Barn,      68 inch wide double doorsLofted Barn – Offering the most cubic feet of storage of any cook buildings, the sidewalls of this portable buildings are 6’3”, offering plenty of headroom, plus a loft overhead for additional storage space.

The Barn – Ideal for people with moderate storage needs, the traditional style complements virtually any backyard. With sidewalls that are only 3’11’’, this building’s low profile is both functional and attractive without being a distraction.

The Utility – The Utility is an exceptional diverse design, with a 7’8’’sidewall height  and plenty of storage room.

Garden Shed – The Garden Shed is exceptionally functional and quaint, with a unique soffited roof and a front eave for improved weather protection. This shed also comes equipped with shutters and a flower box.

Free Delivery and Setup

All Cook buildings are built in a quality controlled environment and delivered directly to you fully assembled, set up and leveled.

Lifetime Warranty

Cook offers a lifetime warranty on all pressure-treated materials in their buildings. This incredibly resilient material is designed to be resistant to decay and termites, so if any of your portable building’s lumber decays or suffers termite damage, Cook will replace it for free. In addition all new and pre-owned Cook buildings come with a 5-year parts, labor and material warranty.

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