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Opelousas, LA, U-Haul Rental and Sales Service

For decades, when Americans needed a reliable vehicle to move their home or office, they’ve turned to the affordable and durable vehicle rentals at U-Haul. This national network of pickup and drop-off locations across the country is convenient and simple to reserve with a little help from our team. If you are planning to move to another state or just need a U-Haul rental to move some equipment, please give us a call. We’ll help you choose and reserve a size and ensure you have the right truck or trailer on hand the day of your move. Quality Portable Buildings is your local source for high-quality U-Haul rentals. And remember, if you’re going on a trip, be sure to refill your propane tanks when you pick up your trailer, too!

Local rentals or one-way rentals. We have it all!

Rentals and returns

Quality Portable Buildings is your local team for arranging U-Haul rentals in any size or accepting returns after your move is complete. You can contact us in advance to reserve the correct size by calling our office in Opelousas, LA, today at (337) 594-8007. Our team can recommend a size if you’re not sure what you need and arrange to have it ready the day you plan to pack up. To pick up a truck or trailer, come to our location at 8274 Frontage Road north of Opelousas right off of I-49 (at Exit 23). If you’re coming from town, we’ll be on the right off the freeway at the Highway 167/744 junction. From the north, you’ll take the same exit and continue south on the left side of I-49 via Frontage Road past the Gold Rush Casino. You’ll spot us on the left side of the road near the Valero paint store.

Purchase a used U-Haul truck

If you’d prefer to have a truck on hand all the time for frequent hauling, Quality Portable Buildings now offers used U-Haul trucks and other commercial vehicles for sale. Come by our lot to see what trucks are currently available that fit you hauling needs. When you’ve spotted the right one, you won’t have to worry about the price. We offer financing options for purchased vehicles, including 100% financing (no money down) on amounts up to $75,000.

As a local company, we’re passionate about helping out fellow Opelousas businesses. If you’re a new startup or established older company in the area in need of commercial vehicles, come talk to us. We offer new and used vehicles with terms ranging from 24 to 60 months on payment plans for local business owners. It’s our way of supporting the community where we live and work, and how we say thank you for buying local.

U-Haul – From Anywhere to Anywhere USA!!

Van/trailer size and price per day

$19.95 plus mileage

10' Mini Mover, for studio apartment

$39.95 plus mileage

20' to 26' Super Mover, for three to four-bedroom home

$29.95 plus mileage

15' Easy Loading Mover, for an apartment up to two bedrooms

$29.95 plus mileage

14' Thrifty Mover, for one-bedroom apartment


6' x 12' trailer, for up to three rooms


5' x 8' trailer, for up to two rooms


4' x 8' trailer, utility van


5' x 9' trailer, ramp trailer

We help you plan your move with U-Haul! Call us (337) 594-8007 today!